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PerfectaSearch Overview


Time in this fast paced business environment is money.  Finding the right professional talent for your business isn't easy.  Wouldn't it help to have a recruitment partner with the industry expertise, determination and an unwavering commitment to finding the perfect match for you and your company?  Our goal is to deliver a "Perfecta", the top two candidate matches for every search we get from our clients. This will give our clients the choice they deserve in candidate selection. We are unlike many firms who will fill up your inboxes with candidates that are a stretch, at best, to get the position.  We will take a detailed search assignment and screen the candidates thoroughly, then deliver only the closest  matches.

Consider PerfectaSearch. Through a network of industry-savvy recruiting specialists, we deliver expert professional-level staffing solutions. Our powerful network of resources provides our clients with efficient and successful employee search and delivery. Dedicated, skilled recruiters work exclusively to locate, evaluate and place qualified individuals in key upper and middle management positions, as well as professional staff-level positions.