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Recruiter Services


PerfectaSearch recruiters are recruiting specialists and industry professionals who can understand, anticipate, and fulfill your requirements. Because they have extensive work and management experience, our recruiters can leverage their expertise and vast network to deliver quality and effectiveness on each search assignment.


When you have critical positions to fill, you need people who hit the ground running. You want skilled professionals who can quickly apply their knowledge and specialized expertise to your problems. We have successfully placed these types

of highly experienced professionals in a wide range of positions.



  HR manager


  Benefits/Compensation analyst

  Vice President, Finance

  HR Generalist


  Recruiter & trainer

  Financial Analyst

  VP Marketing

  Plant Manager

  Marketing manager

  VP Engineering

  CIO/VP/MIS director

  Engineering Manager

  Data Storage Professionals

  Supply Chain Manager

  Sales/Business development manager

  Plant Engineers

  And many more…